Watector is an all-new solution that prevents water leakages and it is recommendable by insurance companies!

As many as half of the households have damage due to dampness. This damage causes substantial economic and health-related disadvantages. Moreover, there is an ever-increasing amount of damage. 

Watector is an all-new on water leakage alarm. It comprises a sensor mat and an alarm unit that are quick and easy to install. You can install Watector in many different types of places and in this way safeguard a wide area. Watector minimizes the risk of water leakage and problems with mold. 

Protect your home and yourself with Watector. It is a Finnish innovation, and has been granted the Key Flag Symbol, which means that the degree of domestic origin of the product is over 50 %. In addition, it is completely recyclable. Stop worrying! Watector guards your home for you!

Watector is quick and easy to install 

You don’t need special tools or previous experience to install Watector. It includes a sensor mat (1), alarm unit (2), battery (3) and clear installation instructions (4).

Waterctor is completely modifiable 

The sensor mat is based on printed electronics. It can be cut to the shape of the required space. This is why Watector can be used in several different types of places.  

Watector provides extensive protection 

The traditional leakage alarms available on the market are precision alarms that only protect a small area at a time. With Watector, you get all-inclusive protection because the entire sensor mat reacts to dampness. For this reason, detecting concealed water leakages is also easy.

Watector is an all-new product that has never before been on the market.

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